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Print out this safety check list and use it to determine if your home is accident prone. Locate potential hazards and correct them to prevent accidents and issues from occurring in your future.

Check the following throughout your home:

1. Are electrical extension cords in good condition?

2. Are electrical extension cords kept from being stretched across heavily traveled areas of your home?

3. Are unused electrical outlets covered or locked?

4. Are electrical outlets checked regularly for overloading?

5. Do you know how to turn off gas and electricity in case of emergency?

6. Are proper size fuses used for replacement rather than pennies or substitutes?

7. Are floor surfaces nonskid?

8. Are all floor coverings fastened down?

9. Are fireplaces screened and protected?

10. Are open flames such as candles kept away from walls and curtains?

11. Do you have smoke detectors in your home, and have you checked the batteries lately?

12. Is an approved fire extinguisher kept on each floor?

13. Do you have emergency phone numbers – police, fire, doctor, utilities – handy to the phone?

14. Is a sturdy stepladder available for climbing?

15. Do interior doors such as those on closets or bathrooms have safety release locks that allow them to be opened from either side?

16. If there are small children in your home, are open windows securely screened?

17. Is lead-free paint used on all objects accessible to children?