Residential Electrician Garfield NJ

When searching for a residential or commercial electrician in Montclair NJ or the rest of the local area, look no further than O’Hara Electric. Offering services like lighting fixture installation, our family owned business based in West Orange NJ established in 1963 continues to serve residents and companies with commercial and residential services that stand out over the rest. If you call someone for electrical services, you want someone who is capable of getting the job done quick and get it done right. Calling the specialists at O’Hara Electric means that this type of service is something you’re capable of expecting. Currently in our second generation, that goal continues to drive each job, big or small. When you need a residential or commercial electrical contractor in Garfield NJ or the rest of the local area, this means you’re capable of relying us.

Electrician Garfield NJ

O’Hara Electric provides homeowners with a range of services as a residential electrical contractor in Garfield NJ. If you live in the local area and need lighting fixtures, make us your first call. A kitchen, living-room, or any other space in your home may be fully transformed with the right lighting fixtures. Another smart move which can assist you in better managing your home’s cooling throughout the summer months is attic fan installations in Garfield NJ to reduce how much you use your air conditioner.

Electrical Service Garfield NJ

If you want the very best for your house, having a leading residential electrician in Montclair NJ and other local areas on your side is important. It is crucial that you hire someone who is able to see to it that the process goes smoothly when you require re-modeling for your residence. Considering the increasing amount of high-end appliances which are a must for the modern home, a 200 amp service upgrading may keep things working smoothly both now and in the future. In the event you are searching for a skilled electrician in Garfield NJ experienced with replacing difficult to find electrical parts and working with older homes featuring knob and tube wiring, O’Hara is a top choice. When working with knob and tube wiring, it is crucial that you get an expert residential electrical contractor who is fully familiar with this older technology, which was the standard in homes generally constructed between 1880 and 1940.

Residential Electrical Contractor Garfield NJ

As a leading choice for a residential electrician in Garfield NJ, the fact that together with functionality, safety is an important consideration is something we are well aware of. Smoke detectors are another vital item in every home. O’Hara Electric assists homeowners with smoke detector installation. Unlike those do-it-yourself detectors, hardwired smoke detectors communicate with one another: when one unit detects smoke, all of them will go off, providing family members precious time to get to safety. If you need smoke detector installation from an electrical contractor serving Garfield NJ you can depend on, get in touch.

Electricians Garfield NJ

Professional outdoor landscape lighting installation in Garfield NJ by O’Hara Electric can make a big difference in both the value and enjoyment of your property. Quality electrical work isn’t restricted to the inside of your residence. Landscape lighting can make a huge difference by increasing the amount of time you and your family spend outside or highlighting particular features of your landscaping. If you’d like to get the most usage and pleasure out of your outdoor space, consider outdoor lighting. It also provides another layer of safety, as well as increasing the value of your property.

Commercial Electrician Garfield NJ

In terms of commercial electrical work, the skilled team at O’Hara Electric is a top pick for a commercial electrical contractor in Montclair NJ and other local areas. We are fully-equipped with a fleet of trucks and two way radio communication. We will save you time as well as money by addressing your site’s requirements promptly and efficiently. We’ve established a strong standing at O’Hara Electric over the past fifty years on first-class client service, top notch workmanship, along with a fast response for your electrical needs. In the event you require an electrician in Garfield NJ you may rely on, keep O’Hara Electric at the top of your list for all your residential and commercial needs.