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Electricians Lincoln Park NJ

Since 1963, when business owners or homeowners have been in need of a commercial or residential electrical company in Montclair NJ and the rest of the local region, they have selected E & M O’Hara Electrical Contractors. The fact that we have been voted as the Number One Electrical Contractor in Essex County NJ has provided us with excellent pride. The reason our family owned electrical service company based in West Orange NJ has earned the support of our community is our dedication to impeccable customer service, dedication to safety, as well as the unparalleled knowledge and skills of the electricians who work for us. Even though we set the bar for excellence that other commercial and residential electrical services in Lincoln Park NJ try to match, individuals who get in touch with O’Hara Electric when they need a residential or a commercial electrical contractor are pleasantly surprised to discover the price of our services are affordable and reasonable.

Residential Electrical Company Lincoln Park NJ

Whatever your needs happen to be, O’Hara is a top choice when you need a residential electrician in Montclair NJ. Among the reasons this is the case is the range of services we’re capable of offering and our longstanding reputation. In addition to our electrical services for new construction, such as attic fan installation and smoke detector installation, our team upgrades the electrical systems of older homes. One of the greatest things you are able to do to keep your home and family safe, along with a standard service we offer is smoke detector installation in Lincoln Park NJ. This is going to allow you to sleep peacefully knowing that your home is protected from this situation but is something which many homeowners put off or fail to even consider.

Commercial Electricians Montclair NJ

As a leading choice when you require a residential electrician in Montclair NJ or the rest of the local region, we’re devoted to making your home safer in other ways than having smoke detectors installed. We offer premium services which will keep your house up to date and as safe as possible when it comes to electrical work. For example, we replace outdated knob and tube wiring, which often introduces a fire risk, with modern copper wiring. Knob and tube wiring typically dates prior to 1940. Then, there were considerably less demands on electrical systems than you usually find nowadays. These systems are now supplying significantly less capacity than what most homeowners demand of them. There are other factors to think about as well, including the fact that factors such as rodents and building renovations may cause damage to the wiring as the years go on. Prior to supplying coverage, the increased risk means that lots of insurance companies are going to require you to upgrade, which is yet another factor. O’Hara is the company to call when you’re looking for a qualified residential electrician in Lincoln Park NJ to perform a knob and tube wiring upgrade.

Residential Electricians Lincoln Park NJ

Many older homes additionally only have 60 amp or 100 amp service panels, and you might find that when you run air conditioning in the summer you’re tripping your circuit breakers. These issues are compounded if the homeowner has computers, high-definition televisions, or a home-automation system. The solution to such difficulties would be to upgrade the service to 200 amp. We provide 200 amp service upgrading as a top choice for a commercial and residential electrical service in Montclair NJ in Lincoln Park NJ at O’Hara Electric in a price you’re going to find reasonable. Give the O’Hara Electric staff a call right away to see what we can offer you as a top local residential electrical company.

Commercial Electrical Contractor Lincoln Park NJ

As a top choice for a commercial electrical company in Montclair NJ, our staff at O’Hara Electric understands the importance of ensuring your business’s electrical systems are working at optimal efficiency. To help business owners to keep their energy costs to a minimum, we provide LED lighting fixture installations. By replacing your store or office’s outdated incandescent lighting fixtures with modern LED lighting, you’ll be able to reduce your company’s power bill by 75 percent. Installing, maintaining, and repairing outdoor lighting fixtures, parking lot lighting and security systems, as well as network cabling and wiring are additional services we provide along with being a top option for a local LED lighting installation contractor in Lincoln Park NJ. Yet another reason to select O’Hara Electric is the fact that to cause as little inconvenience to your clients as possible, we’re very flexible when scheduling time to work.

Residential Electrical Companies Lincoln Park NJ

We are additionally a top residential and commercial electrical service to when you need installation, maintenance or repair of your landscape lighting in Lincoln Park NJ. Our landscape lighting designers explore both the functional and aesthetic functions for your lighting if this is your first time having it installed. Keeping this vision in mind, we’ll be able to create a variety of designs for your outdoor environment which are going to be energy efficient, bring beauty to your landscape, and add safety and security. Call O’Hara Electric today and discover what we’re able to do for you concerning landscape lighting in Lincoln Park NJ.

Electrical Service Lincoln Park NJ

There are few that can compete with O’Hara and what weare in a position to provide if you need a residential or commercial electrician in Montclair NJ. We provide a wide variety of services, making us a leading pick for your electrical requirements whatever they might be. When it comes to both quality of services rendered and customer satisfaction, we work hard to lead the way. We aren’t ever totally satisfied unless you are.

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