Welcome Home!

Nothing is more inviting than a well-lit home.  Let us brighten your driveway, walkway, and front door.

Welcome Home!

Nothing is more inviting than a well-lit home.  Let us brighten your driveway, walkway, and front door.

Our fleet of trucks are standing by

Our fleet of trucks are standing by ready to dispatch our team of experienced electricians.  We offer free estimates and 24 hour emergency service for our customers.

E & M O'Hara can install customer-supplied lighting.

These inexpensive chandeliers are made with colorful drum shades from IKEA.

The Main Office

Eddie, Kelly Ann, Stephany and Margot. At your service!

Kitchen Renovations

Optimum placement of lighting and outlets for function and beauty.

Michael and Edward O'Hara

The two brothers started the company in 1963.  Our mission, then and now, has always been to provide expert electrical service at competitive prices.

Corporate Installations

Fluorescent lighting is economical and energy-efficient in large rooms.

Our First Truck

Thanks to our loyal customers, O’Hara Electrical Contractors has been serving NJ for over 50 years!

Safety and Security

Exterior lighting, overhead and along sidewalks, improves visibility at night.  Take advantage of our certified lighting expertise to recommend and install the latest technology, especially LED lighting.

Experienced Technicians

Our team of expert electricians are standing by, ready to help you tackle your electric issue.  We offer free estimates and 24 hour emergency service for our customers.

Electrician In Chatham NJ

O’Hara Electric is here to be your first choice if you need a commercial or residential electrician near Chatham NJ or surrounding areas. O ‘Hara Electric has been helping business and homeowners alike keep their property well-lit and safe since 1963. We have a longstanding tradition of not only providing to notch service and superior workmanship but making certain it is available for prices which are affordable. Whether your entire property is in need of a total renovation and you’re looking for premium quality residential or commercial electricians in Chatham NJ or you’re interested in landscape lighting to enhance the exterior of your property, the first call you should make should be O’Hara Electric.

Electrician Near Chatham NJ

If you’re in need of a go-to commercial electrical company near Montclair NJ or surrounding areas, whatever your electrical needs may be we have got you covered at O’Hara. The considerable skill of our electrical contracting staff means that even the most complex electric renovations and installations are capable of being completed. O ‘Hara Electric is a highly dependable alternative for businesses of all kinds thanks to our more than half a century of experience in service. Make O’Hara your top choice for a commercial electrical service near Chatham NJ.

Commercial Electrical Company Near Chatham NJ

We’re able to handle a broad variety of types of services as a leading choice for a residential and commercial electrician near Montclair NJ and other areas. As a result, O’Hara is a name you’re capable of trusting when you are looking for someone that can handle bonding and grounding for swimming pools. O ‘Hara Electric is certified to issue the bonding and grounding certificate of approval that’s required for all commercial swimming pools. We can install all electrical components in and around the pool pump house or perform an evaluation to determine whether your commercial pool is up to code. In the summer, O ‘Hara Electric is the only electric contractor you require to make sure your cooling system and other electrics continue to work seamlessly.

Electrical Contractor Near Jersey City NJ

When you’re looking for a residential or commercial electrician near Montclair NJ or other local towns to perform work on your property, the difference getting in touch with the right contractor can be considerable. Lighting fixture installation is one of the most popular services that we provide. Lighting can have a considerable impact on your everyday life, but many people take it for granted. When it comes to performing work on your computer especially, appropriate lighting is absolutely essential. It is important to have enough light so you aren’t straining your eyes, but you also need to be sure it’s placed correctly so you aren’t dealing with light reflecting from your monitor, which can result in eye fatigue and headaches. As we seem to spend an increasing amount of time in front of computer screens, these factors become all the more vital to take into account. Lighting is also capable of having a significant impact on mood. Because of this, a huge difference in your daily life is able to be made by having dimmers so you’re capable of adjusting your lighting level according to what you are doing. Productivity in the workplace has been proven to improve considerably by making these kinds of changes. This is why you want to depend on a contractor such as O’Hara Electric. Providing lighting fixture installations of a broad range of types to businesses of all kinds is something we have a substantial degree of experience in. This isn’t merely an investment that will have in the long term in terms of your enjoyment. This will also have an impact on your property value if you’re thinking about selling in the future. All you’ve got to do is get in touch with us at O’Hara Electric and make an appointment when you’re in need of lighting fixture installation from an experienced commercial or residential electrical company in Chatham NJ or the rest of the local area.

Electrical Service Near Chatham NJ

If you are searching for a commercial or residential electrician near Montclair NJ, there’s a large number of reasons why you should choose O’Hara Electric. A few examples are:

  • Commitment to customer service
  • Local family-owned company
  • We offer a broad variety of services
  • Decades of experience in the local area

Go with a choice you can trust if you need a commercial or residential electrician serving Chatham NJ or other areas. Call us today at O’Hara.

Electrical Company Near Chatham NJ

Another reason people often contact a commercial or residential electrical contractor near Montclair NJ and other areas is to install or repair power outlets. A lot of times we have power outlets in our home that have stopped functioning and it is easy to put off getting them repaired for years as you just grow used to it. Are your power outlets not ideally suited to your everyday tasks? This is a situation business and homeowners often find themselves in. This isn’t something you simply have to put up with. When it comes to our highly qualified electrical pros at O’Hara Electric, this is a simple task. All of your needs and preferences are going to be taken into account to achieve our goal of making sure your power outlets in your business and home space work for you. This is the kind of change which can have a great impact on your everyday life going forward. Don’t just put it off. If you need a commercial or residential electrician in Chatham NJ or the rest of the local region get in touch with O’Hara Electric today.

Electricians Near Chatham NJ

Whatever kind of residential electrical work you may require, O ‘Hara is an incredibly reliable and skilled choice when you’re looking for residential electricians near Montclair NJ or nearby areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for lighting for your home’s exterior or interior. Our electrical contractors are here to make sure you’re as happy as possible with the finished product. If you want your house to stay cool, it is important to have electrical systems that are functioning properly in the summer months. O ‘Hara Electric supplies professional attic fan installation, which is capable of helping your home stay cool during the summer. There’s no one else you have to call if you’re looking for a respected residential electrician in Chatham NJ.

Electrical Contractors Near Chatham NJ

O ‘Hara Electric is the only call you have to make if you need a commercial or residential electrical company near Montclair NJ and surrounding areas for lighting fixture installations. It doesn’t matter how large or small, or complex or simple it may be. When it comes to lighting fixture installation we are capable of making it quick and easy. If you are a busy commercial property you won’t need to worry about lost business. We will work with you and your schedule when it comes to installing your new lighting fixtures. Our team will also help you choose the best type of lighting fixtures for your business or home when you are uncertain. If you need a respected commercial or residential electrician in Chatham NJ or other local areas, don’t forget to call O ‘Hara Electric for all your electrical requirements.