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Our fleet of trucks are standing by

Our fleet of trucks are standing by ready to dispatch our
team of experienced electricians.

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E & M O'Hara can install customer-supplied lighting.

These inexpensive chandeliers are made with colorful
drum shades from IKEA.

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Optimum placement of lighting and outlets for function and beauty.

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Michael and
Edward O'Hara

The two brothers started the company in 1963. Our mission, then and now, has always been to provide expert electrical service at competitive prices.

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Thanks to our loyal customers, O’Hara Electrical Contractors
has been serving NJ for over 60 years!

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Safety and Security

Exterior lighting, overhead and along sidewalks, improves visibility at night. Take advantage of our certified lighting expertise to recommend and install the latest technology, especially LED lighting.


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Our team of expert electricians are standing by, ready to help you tackle your electric issue. We offer free estimates and 24 hour emergency service for our customers.

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    Electrical Contractors Carlstadt NJ

    Even the most dedicated DIY home improver will reach appoint where just having the skills possessed by an expert commercial and residential electrician in Carlstadt NJ such as O’Hara is here to get the job done. From installing landscape lighting and light fixtures, to handling extreme electrical emergencies, and full home upgrades, professional electricians can handle a variety of important and even possibly dangerous jobs. This is why each homeowner should have a reliable electrician like O’Hara on their side. The function, comfort, and safety of your home is something our highly trained professionals are able and happy to improve. When it comes to jobs like attic fan installation or 200 amp service upgrading, it is likely for you to do more damage than good if you aren’t properly trained even though you may be tempted to make an attempt yourself. Make O’Hara Electric your first choice when you’re trying to find a residential electrician in Union NJ and other areas and save yourself the hassle and the risk.

    Electrician Near Carlstadt NJ

    First, make certain that you get an electrical inspection from a qualified residential electrical service in Carlstadt NJ before buying your home. Receiving a general home inspection is basic protocol. However, the general home inspector is not going to be capable of giving your electrical systems the focus you’ll receive from an expert from O’Hara. You will have the ability to know if your house is truly up to code simply by hiring an electrician to perform a thorough inspection. This is also an ideal chance to make certain that serious issues that will have to be addressed before the sale is finalized are flagged. An experienced electrician will be capable of telling right away if there are any significant issues you are facing. Faulty and as a result, unsafe wiring is commonly found in older houses, resulting in them not meeting current electrical codes. Unfortunately, this problem can mean that a complete rewiring of your property may be necessary. This is where having a trusted residential electrician on your side can be a great benefit. Replacement of knob and tube wiring for major projects is still affordable and budget-friendly when you make us your first choice. For any kind of major electrical work to help your home meet current electrical codes, make O’Hara your first choice when you need a company for lighting fixture installation in Clifton NJ and other areas.

    Smoke Detector Installation Carlstadt NJ

    Smoke detector installation near Carlstadt NJ is Among the most essential services we offer as a residential electrician. It’s easy to take your health and safety for granted, but no-one ever suspects that a fire will happen to them. Alerting you at the first sign of danger, the smoke detectors we’re capable of installing are able to keep your family safe from harm. This kind of task requires an electrician you’re able to trust. Do you need smoke detectors installed in Montclair NJ? O’Hara is the one to call for this reason.

    Commercial Electrician Near Carlstadt NJ

    Trying to save money is a reason why many homeowners commonly try to do work on their own rather than contacting a professional electrician in Carlstadt NJ. Perhaps you’re capable of handling lighting fixture installation or even an attic fan installation yourself, however in the event that the job is any larger than that, it’s better to have a professional electrician from O’Hara Electric do the work the appropriate way the first time. In regards to jobs such as attic fan installation for instance, the amperage of the circuit and wattage of the new fixture are essential matters that need to be taken into account by an experienced professional. If the amperage is not high enough to handle the wattage of the light then they’re going to have the ability to run an additional wire from the circuit breaker. In most cases, it’s a wise idea to have a professional handle this kind of job. Not only is it safer for you, in the long term it is going to save you a great deal of money, time and hassle. O’Hara specializes in a range of jobs ranging from something as small as smoke detector installation to electrical work for large commercial spaces as an elite lighting fixture installations contractor. Give us a call today whatever your needs are from a residential or commercial lighting installation company in Carlstadt NJ.