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Are you looking for a leading residential or commercial electrician in Montclair NJ and other local areas? O’Hara is the first call you should make. O’Hara is here to handle whatever project you may need, whether you are trying to find extensive electrical work or you simply require an easy repair job. You don’t want to hire an electrician that you can’t trust to get the job done correctly the first time. If you’d like to be sure potential damage to your home or potential fire hazards are avoided, you need to ensure whoever is doing work like electric wiring or fixture installation is doing it properly. When it comes to electricity, ensure you’re working with the specialists. Call O’Hara Electric when you need a professional residential or commercial electrician in Montclair NJ and other local areas for any installation, upgrade, or repair.

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When top quality lighting fixture installations in Montclair NJ from a recommended contractor is what you’re looking for, O’Hara Electric fits the bill. We’ve completed an enormous number of successful jobs in the local region, which means if you decide to hire us you’re capable of being certain you are working with a company with a stellar reputation. We understand that the satisfaction of each and every customer is essential for the success of our business. This is the reason we go above and beyond to make certain each and every single job is finished to the best of our ability. A job being left unfinished is not something you will ever need to worry about. When you require a residential or commercial electrical service contractor in Montclair NJ for lighting installations, O’Hara Electric is here to get the job done.

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Attic fan installation in Westfield NJ is one of many jobs we can handle as a top choice for a residential electrician. Attic fan installation might seem like a pretty straightforward job, but it’s an essential one. Your attic fan works to keep the rest of your home comfortable and cool in the summer by pushing hot air upward and out through your attic. Your attic is capable of storing a great deal of heat in the summer which is capable of leaking into the rest of your home, because as well all know, heat rises. Having an attic fan installed is essential for this reason. However, when an attic fan is not installed correctly, a substantial amount of wasted energy is the result, which is going to cost you money. O’Hara Electric pros will evaluate your attic to make sure that the attic fan is installed in the proper location. This way it will just remove hot air, and not air conditioned air from your house below. Call us today if you need a top residential electrician in Westfield NJ for attic fan installation.

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Landscape lighting services is another essential service we offer as a leading choice for a residential electrician in Montclair NJ. Even at night we can assist your property in looking its absolute best. Our landscape lighting services can highlight your landscaping’s most attractive features. This is also going to increase security on your property and make it safer to walk on. When you are looking for a qualified residential electrical company in Westfield NJ for landscape lighting, all you have to do is call us at O’Hara Electric today.

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Knob and tube wiring is something we specialize in at O’Hara Electric as a top choice for a professional residential electrician in Montclair NJ. In regards to carrying electricity throughout the house, this form of wiring was typical from the 1940s to 1990s. However, deteriorating knob and tube wiring and problems with knob and tube wiring caused by faulty repairs and updates can introduce serious risks. Replacing this wiring if you have it in your house with new copper wiring that’s up to present safety code standards is the best option. O’Hara Electric is capable of giving you a quote for knob and tube replacement.

Commercial Electrical Service Contractor Westfield NJ

Together with our residential services, O’Hara Electric is also a top choice for a commercial electrical company in Montclair NJ. Many people take for granted how essential their electrical systems are when it comes to the day to day operation of their business. You always want to ensure that your business gets the absolute best service possible. This is the reason you need to be certain you hire a contractor you can rely on. We’ve offered top quality service for local businesses since 1963. This is the reason businesses who require a commercial electrician in Westfield NJ they can depend We’re your top choice if you need 200 amp service upgrading or smoke detector installation.