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Even for the committed DIY home improver, there’s going to reach a point in your renovation process when you are in need of the skills of a skilled residential and commercial electrician in Montclair NJ, such as O’Hara Electric. Our expert electricians can handle a broad variety of projects which are not just essential but may be potentially dangerous when not performed correctly. This can range from a full upgrade of your home to installing landscape lighting and light fixtures, and even handling extreme electrical emergencies. This is why having an electrician you’re capable of counting on is very important to every homeowner. Performing improvements to your home in terms of safety, comfort and function is what our highly trained professionals are all about. Many individuals find that they’re tempted to perform their own attic fan installation or 200 amp service upgrading. However, it can do more damage than good in the event you aren’t trained properly. Save yourself the hassle and the risk by making O’Hara Electric your first choice for a residential electrician in Boonton NJ.

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Many individuals fail to consider how important it is when you are purchasing a house to first get qualified residential electricians in Montclair NJ to perform an inspection. Receiving a general home inspection is basic protocol. However, the general home inspector isn’t going to be capable of giving your electrical systems the focus you will get from an expert from O’Hara. You aren’t going to really be able to know if your home is truly up to code unless you hire an electrician to perform a comprehensive inspection. Any potential issues which will have to be fixed before the sale is finalized is going to also be able to be flagged at this time. If there are any significant issues you’re facing an experienced electrician is going to be able to tell right away. Older homes that have faulty wiring are capable of being extremely unsafe and aren’t going to meet the current electrical codes. Unfortunately, this issue is capable of meaning that a total rewiring of your property could be necessary. This is why local homeowners are glad to have a residential electrician on their side they’re able to trust. Even for large-scale projects, our prices for replacing your knob and tube wiring are affordable and budget-friendly. For any kind of major electrical work to assist your home in meeting current electrical codes, make O’Hara your first choice for a residential electrician in Boonton NJ.

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Lighting fixture installations are one of the most common reasons why hiring a commercial or residential electrician in Montclair NJ and surrounding towns is so important. This is a service that both business and homeowners take advantage of often. Never underestimate the effect that your lighting fixtures are able to have on your day to day life. Although you probably aren’t thinking of it at the time, any activity you do indoors is going to have lighting as a crucial consideration. Having lighting which is ideal for your space and requirements will make it simpler to perform a lot of tasks, but it will also increase your quality of life overall. You may not even realize you’re straining your eyes if your room is not being lit appropriately. This is an issue that’s essential to consider for commercial clients as well. The productivity of your employees is capable of being severely limited when you don’t have the proper lighting installed for your business space. This can even lead to safety and liability issues if this is in an area where people can trip. Simply get in touch with the experts at O’Hara Electric for premium quality lighting installations for your home or business and save yourself the worry and trouble. From the newest LED technology to old knob and tube wiring like you’ll find in older buildings, we work with a broad array of kinds of lighting technology. This means when you need a commercial or residential electrician in Boonton NJ or the rest of the local area you are capable of depending on to get the job done, there’s nowhere else you need to turn but O’Hara Electric.

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As a top choice for a residential and commercial electrical service in Boonton NJ, we’re able to perform expert landscape lighting installation. This is a service which is truly capable of transforming your property into something special. Not only does this provide aesthetic improvements, many safety and practical benefits are able to be the result as well. Whether you are a business or homeowner you’re capable of considerably benefitting from the services we’re capable of providing when it comes to landscape lighting.

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We’re very concerned about all of our clients’ safety as part of our dedication to being a leading choice among commercial and residential electrical services in Montclair NJ and surrounding towns. It’s essential to make certain that problems with your electrical systems are kept to a minimum so that you are able to go about your day without needing to think about it. One of these services is GFCI installation, and this is a service which is truly capable of being lifesaving. In fact these are required in bathroom, garage and outdoor outlets of all new homes as mandated by the National Electrical Code. Water clearly does not mix well with electricity, and these safeguard the user from this potential issue. A GFCI can offer you considerably more protection than a fuse or circuit breaker is going to in the event that an electrical appliance falls in water while plugged in. If you’d like to truly feel safe in your business or home on a daily basis, this is simply one of the reasons why calling a top choice among expert commercial and residential electricians in Boonton NJ is important.

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Some homeowners have an interest in doing the majority of electrical work themselves to save money instead of contacting a professional electrician in Montclair NJ. Perhaps you’re capable of handling lighting fixture installation or even an attic fan installation yourself, but in the event that the job is any bigger than that, it is better to have an expert electrician from O’Hara Electric do the work the appropriate way the first time. For example, when doing something like an attic fan installation, a professional residential electrician will check the amperage of the circuit along with the wattage of the new fixture. In the event the amperage isn’t high enough to handle the wattage of the light then they will be able to run an additional wire from the circuit breaker. It is a wise idea to hire a professional to handle this type of project, generally speaking. A great deal of time, stress and money is going to be saved in the long term, along with the fact that it’s a considerably safer choice for you. O’Hara specializes in a range of jobs ranging from something as small as smoke detector installation to electrical work for large commercial spaces as an elite lighting fixture installations contractor. It does not matter what your wants are from a residential or commercial electrician in Boonton NJ. Get in touch with us right away.